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To make foamy airs of any flavour.


Lëcitin to make foamy airs of any flavours.

It is a phospholipid normally extracted from soy, with emulsifying properties, but used in cooking for its foaming properties.

It is ideal to transform broth and juices into foams, but also oils in fatty foams.

Extremely efficient. A 300 g pot is enough to make about 1000 portions of air. Only 6 g of Lëcitin are needed for each kilo of liquid, to obtain a stable foam.

Characteristics and applications:

It is presented in fine powder.
Mix in cold, shaking vigorously and make the foam putting the stick blender between the liquid and the air.
The best results on air–type foams are achieved at 30ºC to 40ºC.
To attain air-foams of oil in cold, you must heat it between 40ºC to 50ºC, to achieve stable air-foams.
Foams made with Lëcitin are suitable for freezing.
Recommended dose for foams: 3-8 g/L.
Available in 75 g pack.

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