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Are you looking for the WOW Factor? Then, the spheric Halm cocktail glass is for you! Prepare your favourite cocktails and new creations in this cutting-edge glass and make an impression on your guests.

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The spherical Halm cocktail glass goes beyond spectacular glassware. It is a piece of art and a cocktail glass all in one, that will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

Take a step further in the preparation of your cocktails, surprising your guests and making outstanding presentations at events and cocktail competitions.

The spherical Halm cocktail glass has been designed by Martin Jakobsen, fan of minimalism, that bases his work around functionality and aesthetic.

His range of glassware brings a more modern and practical vision to mixology. .

Length: 15 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 12 cm
Volume capacity: 300ml
Weight: 210g

Designed and manufactured in the Czech  Republic.

Colour: Transparent

Material: Borosilicate glass


  • Spherical cocktail glass made of  borosilicate transparent glass.
  • Black silicone stopper at the base. Snug fitted.
  • Borosilicate transparent glass straw.
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